We urge our government to:

  • Pursue peace, not war.
  • Respect international law.
  • Hold in high regard all human life.
    • Next Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 6:00 pm at Ohio County Public Library in Wheeling (in the “Boardroom”).
    • Documentary film January 26, 7:00 pm  Paying the Price for Peace – the Story of S. Brian Wilson

      Vietnam Veteran S. Brian Willson paid the price for peace by nearly being killed by a military train during a non-violent protest. Since then, he has not stopped calling attention to the US government’s defiance of international law through waging endless illegal wars.

      Paying the Price for Peace exposes the truth about the United States’ addiction to war, and the lies it perpetuates in order to wage ongoing violence, through the life and times of Air Force veteran S. Brian Willson and other veterans.
      The film also depicts actions and other spokespersons of today’s peace movement. The film shows why current anti­war activists challenge a perpetual war profiteering economy calling for an end to supporting America’s illegal wars.

      “That train, with a cargo of war munitions, will keep on rolling as the camera rolls, until it cuts the legs off of Willson, leaving him a double amputee and establishing him as the most dedicated soldier in the long line of war protesters.” – Sam Whiting, SF Chronicle September 3, 2016

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